The official Canyon Springs Ranch Property Owners Association website offered this little gem of a quote:*

The “protective” covenants at Canyon Springs Ranch are not restrictive as they are only there to help “protect your property values” and “keep the environment as pristine” as possible.

I’m afraid that my own personal experience leads me to disagree with, or at least point out the fallacy in, this rather sweeping statement.I guess that the statement is, in isolation, not entirely false. However, linked to the protective covenants are a series of By-Laws, some of which are very restrictive. Although the covenants were disclosed to us at the time we purchased our land, the By-Laws were not. Had they been, we would never have bought into Canyon Springs Ranch, and I wonder how many other owners were as unaware of these By-Laws (or at least just how restrictive they are) as we were?
* On an ‘update’ to the Official Canyon Springs Ranch website on July 25th 2008, this quotation has been removed from the front page.

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There is a Canyon Springs Ranch, with a property owners association, in Kerr County, Texas.
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